About Steve…

I joined Microsoft in 2005 after completing a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Brown University. Throughout college and graduate school, I used a variety of platforms and technologies to build software, typically for psychological experiments and other data collection. I started with VB5, then VB6, and then Flash. During graduate school, I started building more database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL. The first one I build is still up: PCiQ.

Shortly after the summer of 2005, I started with the Visual Basic team, then to Microsoft Surface, and then to Xbox. Despite being titled as a researcher, I found myself writing more code than running research, particularly in the second half of my first 6 years at Microsoft. In November, I made a transition out of user experience and into evangelism. I want to believe that I was an excellent researcher, having published a book, and being regarded by many in Microsoft and in the industry as an SME on perceived performance, but I think I am more at home today as an Architect Evangelist “on the road” helping companies big and small solve technical programs using Microsoft technologies.

Follow me on Twitter @SteveSeow, email me at SSeow@Microsoft.com, or call me at 1 (425) 706-7486.

  • If you are new to Microsoft technologies: 297seconds.com
  • If you have questions about perceived performance and responsiveness of your software, PerfScience.com
  • If you want to test your IQ on personal computing: PCiQTest.com
  • If you’re a startup, call me now!

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